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Papa’s new toy!

Keith, (aka Papa) has always wanted a motorcycle and until recently we haven’t been able to afford one. However, with the favor of God, he was able to purchase one yesterday! I have never had any desire to ride a motorcycle because I think they are an accident waiting to happen. But………yesterday when we got home from work and he opened the garage door, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of that bike! Yes, I said beauty! I told him how happy I was for him and really meant it! I can actually see myself going on a short, safe, & slow ride with him. I think I would look kinda sexy sitting on the back of that bike……LOL. Anyway, Keith has his bike and before he turned 50. He is one happy man.

Tonight we are going on a much needed overnight stay at a Bed & Breakfast. Our community group gave us a gift certificate as a Christmas gift and we are finally able to use it. I can’t wait to sit in the jacuzzi and relax. No phones, no email, no company and no dog! Just me and Keith relaxing the night away! I even ordered the romance package–you know the rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries and candlelight! Hmmmmmm, yes, I am there already!

Have a blessed weekend!

If you are looking for a church service to attend, I invite you to Peoples Church. Check us out at Hope to see you there!

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