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Sabbath & Selah

This weekend Pastor spoke on honoring the Sabbath. This means to rest, to stop what you are doing and rest. In today’s society we stay so busy that we forget to stop and honor this day. God never intended us to too busy……..he wants us to ‘be about his business’ but He doesn’t want us to be overwhelmed with our day to day that we don’t stop and rest. Taking time to rest should be a blessing and not a burden. I have been reading the book of Psalms for about 3 months now and in many of them is the word Selah. This means to stop and calmly think about that. This morning I thought this and the Sabbath could go together. When we stop to rest on the Sabbath we need to stop and calmly think about all God has done for us over the last week. I know for myself, I get so busy with everything in my life, that I don’t always take time to sit and rest. I have determined that I will honor God’s day with rest and when I rest I will ‘sit and calmly think’ about the blessings and favor that has been poured out to me during the past week. What a blessing to be able to sit and rest and think about the many awesome things God did for me. Resting should be refreshing, so what better way to be refreshed than to calmly think about the blessings of God. Selah.

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