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Quality time

This morning in my devotional time I heard a message on the 5 love languages. One of them is spending quality time with the ones you love. I lack in this area when it comes to spending quality time with Keith. I make myself available to so many people that when it comes to spending quality time with him, there really isn’t any left. This last 9 months I have been a ‘work in progress’. I had this same situation back in September when it came to my relationship with God…I suddenly became aware that I made time for a lot of other things but didn’t have quality time with Him. I was a ‘Martha’ and had a strong desire to be a ‘Mary’. I have slowly put aside the ‘distractions’ of life; laundry, dishes, general house cleaning and the television. To allow myself to learn what it is to truly KNOW God, to be a Christ follower and spend quality time with Him on a daily basis. Today I am on the right track with God and now he is teaching me how to KNOW my husband. Being empty nesters allows us a lot of opportunities to spend quality time together, but I allow ‘distractions’ to keep me from doing it. I am going to concentrate on spending quality time with Keith and it starts this weekend! I will let you know how it goes!

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