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Do you have a day that stands out as a day of all days? Maybe the day you accepted Christ into your heart, the day you got married, the day your first child was born or your first grandchild. Well, I can remember the day I accepted Christ, the day I got married, the day my FIRST child was born and recently the day my first Granddaughter, Rylee, was born. We are celebrating Rylee’s 2nd birthday this weekend. This day is very special to me, however, I would have to say that the day I hold closest to my heart at this moment was the day God picked me up and dusted me off and we began to walk this journey, His plan, His desires, His will, together. I accepted Christ about 22 years ago, but about 3 years ago during the 2nd prayer walk on our church property God really spoke to me about the condition of my heart and life. It wasn’t pretty, I was wearing the religious cloak, and with that carried the hurts of my past that poured out in a negative attitude. I struggled with male authority and with men in general being in a position of ‘head’ over me. This included allowing my husband to be the head of our home. That day, God opened my eyes, during a Jericho march that was lead out by the men. Ouch, it was hard for me to walk behind Keith and the other men of our church, but God was using that situation to show me that Keith was designed to be the head and I was his helpmate. I would like to say it happened instantly, but it was over the course of that next week that God began to show me scripture about who I was in Christ and Keith’s position in the home. I wanted to fight against it, but my heart was so ready to be submissive and accepting of what God was doing. I think I was at the point where I was tired of fighting and wanted to have some peace. I lost out on a lot of opportunities that God placed in front of me because of my pride. Well, here I am several years later, and I couldn’t be happier about where I am with my relationship with God, ,my husband and men of authority. God is doing a new thing, we are walking together in this plan He has for my life. I strive to walk in His authority, His will and His plan. My prayer for this year, is NO LIMITS, NO BOUNDARIES. This is my year of increase and prosperity, and I can say with all truth that Keith and I are walking in it together. I am not perfect and I am still God’s work in progress, but I know with all my heart that I am truly sold out to Him. It is so refreshing to be walking with God and not fighting against him.

During the prayer walks we would read a paper I call the ‘I AM’ prayer. It was different scriptures that encouraged us about who we are in Christ. I took that and had a friend make it into a cross so I could frame it. This is my reminder of the day that God picked me up and began a new work in me. I will always remember the other special days in my life, but I have to say that the day God ‘corrected’ me gave me the assurance that I will see even more special days. Today I have peace………………..

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