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Random Thoughts

1.) A second round of antibiotics are a good thing when you are on day 8 of a bladder infection!

2.) Good friends invite you over to eat when they know you don’t feel good and wouldn’t want to cook. Thanks,DeLeassa, the burritos were awesome and the fellowship was much needed.

3.) My husband bought me a bike. I have wanted one for a long time. I can’t wait to ride it, but it is still in the box because we had to mow the grass! Maybe tomorrow. Thank you, Keith.

4.) We are babysitting our youngest grand baby, Jaedyn, tomorrow night while her Mom and Dad take her sister, Rylee, to Tulsa to see Go, Diego, Go. I am so excited! She is crawling now and will be fun to play with.

5.) I am traveling to Chicago on Wednesday for business. Not so sure how I feel about it right this minute. Too tired to discuss work right now and I am already missing Keith.

6.) Keith emptied the dishwasher today while he was home for lunch. I love when he does those things for me. He is really a big help around the house! Anyway, one less thing I had to do tonight and I was so glad. Again, I really love you Keith!

7.) I have several loads of laundry to do so I have clothes for my trip……..I wish there was a machine that folded it and put it away! LOL

8.) I love my daughter and her servants heart. She is putting a birthday party together for a friend who was one of the injured in the recent fireworks explosion. Since her Mom, Shannon, isn’t able to do it for her and Dad is taking care of Mom, Michele stepped in to help out. Destiny is going to have one heck of a Princess/Under the Sea, 4th birthday party. I love you, Michele.

9.) I have a dog that we taught to ring a bell that hangs on the back door knob when she wants to go out. Well, 4 years later I would like to make her eat that bell! If she rings it and you don’t move immediately, she rings it louder and louder and louder. Why do we do these things to ourselves? Hmmmmmmm

10.) I am not who I use to be, Woohoo!

That is all my thoughts for tonight! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Hi Winnie!I have joined this scrapbooking group…check it out like you aren’t busy enough but you might like to check it out!Missed seeing you tonight!Have a great week!Tiffany


  2. Take the bell off your back door. She or He will still let you know. Lincoln now shakes his tags as if they were the bell. But… if I slip off his collar he come to me in the night and puts his paw on my hand… even harder to get up!!!!I miss you. Call when your headed this way. There’s a cool scrapbooking place I passed today in downtown Jenks. PS – I love your random thoughts!!!


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