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Purposeful Recollections

I decided instead of random thoughts I would write my ‘purposeful recollections’. Not that I don’t have random thoughts a lot, but these are things I purpose in my heart to recollect!

1.) I am a child of God. I am not an accident or mistake…..he knew me before I was born.

2.) My husband loves me unconditionally; that makes him Christ like, because he loves me the way Christ loves the church.

3.) My daughter, Michele, is an awesome wife and mother. She is a true servant of God and gives unselfishly of her time and talents.

4.) Matt, my son, is such an awesome musical artist! He loves to play his guitar and is the best sound man I know. He is also our resident ‘computer nerd’. He is a great husband and father.

5.) I have 3 (almost 4) grandchildren who are an absolute blessing from God. I love being a Nana!

6) I belong to the best church in OKC. If you are looking for a church I recommend you try us out. Peoples Church at Britton and Kelly. (

7.) My baby sister, Melanie, has just completed her last round of chemo! Woo hoo! She is moving on now to the rest of her life and being cancer free! Praise God!

8.) Keith and I have been happily married for 23 years!

9.) This weekends message was awesome! It is good to be reminded of the things we need to do to keep the ‘love’ in our marriage relationship. The key to a GREAT marriage is communication! Our Pastor can preach! If you missed it I recommend you order the CD.

10.) I was recently tagged to write things about myself using the first letters of my middle name! It totally stressed me out! I think it was because I couldn’t come up with things that started with those particular letters. So, here are a few things I think about myself, I am stronger and more confident than I was a year ago; I am friendly and outgoing, but use to be a wallflower; I am artistic in the sense that I like to scrapbook, but can’t draw, unless you consider stick figures portraits. I love to encourage people and help them see the good things about themselves. I have come out of my ‘shell’ by being involved in the greeting ministry at church and through that I am building new relationships.

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