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2nd Annual Chandler Pumpkin Carving Contest

We were rained out this year…how sad. We missed everyone, but we will put it on the calendar for next year. We did get our kids and grand kids together and carved pumpkins in our garage. The carving started just as the storm was beginning, but it didn’t keep us from the fun of carving out our designs. We even had the little ones digging out the ‘yuck’ from inside, but they got bored real fast! Melanie and I took them inside and entertained them while the adults carved their pumpkins. Everyone was very serious about their designs and it was even quiet every now and then. It wasn’t long and everyone was done and the judging began………Our Master Carver this year was Matt! Apprentice Carver went to Brandon. Christy and Michele each received one vote and sadly mine and Melanie’s pumpkin didn’t get one vote……..not even from the little ones! Oh well, it was fun! I think our pumpkin looks pretty good! It was great to have my sister here to share in the festivities. We didn’t do this sort of thing when we were growing up so it was fun to carve a pumpkin together, even if it was ugly!

Rylee helping Mommy clean out their pumpkin.

Serious pumpkin carving going on!

Nana and Emery cleaning out their pumpkin. He never

would put his hand in it!

The winning pumpkin, carved by Matt.

2nd Place went to Brandon and his haunted tree!

Master Carver, Matt & Apprentice Carver, Brandon…..oh and Jaedyn!

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