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Jaedyn’s 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday to Jaedyn. We celebrated her 1st birthday on Saturday with family and friends and then tonight Keith and I took her to dinner and clothes shopping. We decided this will be our tradition for each Grandchild on their birthday. It will allow us a time to let them know how special they are and what a blessing and miracle they are to us.
We ate at Garfields in the mall and then shared a deep fried brownie with ice cream, whipped cream, caramel and a cherry. Yum-Yum The three of us really enjoyed it!
We took her shopping at The Children’s Place and she picked out some fancy new clothes! We bought several things in purple since she looks very good in it, but also picked up a pretty blue sweater and a hot pink shirt. She will definitely be stylin’ in her new ruffled jeans, too.
Her favorite word to say (over and over and over) is Dada, so Keith worked hard to get her to say Papa. It was funny at the table watching her look at him and say Dada and him at her saying Papa. It went on for several minutes. She did finally say Papa when she was walking around looking at clothes, I think she was working her Papa for some extra outfits!
It was fun to spend some one on one time with her, we don’t usually get to do that and she is growing so fast!

Nana and Papa love her very much!

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