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Emery turns 2

I can’t believe how fast this last year seemed to go. The grandkids are growing so fast; and here we are celebrating Emery’s 2nd birthday! Wow. As tradition holds, we took Emery out to eat for his birthday and since his favorite meal is chicken nuggets, it was dinner at McDonalds. Unfortunately Nana forgot her camera so there are no pictures of him running around playing in the play area. You would have thought he was a big kid the way he took off and played. The bigger kids running around didn’t intimidate him at all. He was so excited about the play area that he only ate about 3 bites of one nugget. He did eat them once we got home! Next we were off to Kohls to get some new clothes and of course he found some cars he wanted as well. He was so cute in the store; typically when you get him a toy and head to the cash register, he won’t give it to you because he thinks he won’t get it back, but last night was different. We started walking to the register and he was way in front of us. He walked up to the first register that had a person and started to put the toy on the counter (she was closed) so we directed him to another. Well, he cut right in front of the person checking out and put that toy right on the counter! It was so cute. We had our cashier put it in his own bag and gave it to him to carry out. When we got to the van, he stopped, opened the bag and started getting the box out………he was cracking us up. Anyway, I got him buckled in and then opened it up and got the 5 cars out for him. He just held them in his lap. He doesn’t talk much, but I asked him if he had fun and he shook his head yes!
One other thing that happened….since I mentioned that he doesn’t talk much……he is the quiet type. He has a few select words, ‘go’, ‘no’ ‘hi’ and ‘bye’. Bye has a real southern draw to it! Anyway, Keith and I are always trying to get him to say Nana and Papa–which he has said Papa before–Keith’s face really lit up! Last night I was looking for his new jeans and the two of them were walking around when all of a sudden I heard Keith say, “let’s find Nana” and he was calling out ‘Nana’ and I heard this little voice call it too. It made my day! One of the sweetest things a Nana could hear!
We celebrated his birthday at our house with friends and family last week, so here are some pictures from that. He really liked the Nemo decor and dug right into his cake!!!

Here he is checking out the cake decor!

Then he was doing the taste test!

His first set of wheels! A gift from his MawMaw & Pap.

Nana & Papa love Emery very much! He always makes us smile! Happy 2nd Birthday!

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