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1. Keith and I took a cruise the last weekend in November………..we had the best time. We have never been on one before, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. It was a mini family reunion with his brother, sister, Dad and their spouses. Keith and I were like newlyweds! It was fun, exciting, fattening and most of all relaxing. Keith and his brother went snorkeling on the day we spent at the ‘private’ island……….I sat in the sun and relaxed. It was the most relaxed day I can remember………we came back refreshed and ready to go…again! LOL, we are already planning the next cruise. The next one will be a 5-7 day instead of 3……..

2. Keith hung our Christmas lights and we put up our tree the week after Thanksgiving. It has been a few years since we had lights on the outside of the house, so I was excited when the weather cooperated and he was able to do that. I love Christmas. We are almost done with our shopping, just a couple more things to pick up………..this is a first! Usually we are running around at the last minute. I am still trying to get our cards out……….hopefully they will get done tonight.

3. We survived the ice storm! We only lost power for about 6 hours on Monday. Both of us had the day off because our work places were without power…yay….it was nice to be home. We had some friends come over that didn’t have power and when ours went out we just laughed. I had planned to make a pan of soup for dinner, but we ended up going out to eat instead. There were a lot of other families that went out to eat and we all had stories to tell.

4. Keith and I are working on our house—trying to get all the little things done so we can put it on the market. We want to move into something a little bigger to fit our growing family! That’s funny to say since we aren’t having kids of our own. It is a snug fit when everyone is over and we are sitting around the living room, so we have decided to ‘biggie size’ it. We have found a builder and a floor plan that we really like, so now we just need to do some ‘finish’ work and get this place sold.

5. This year has been an awesome year for me spiritually. I have learned to ‘love’ myself, which in turn has taught me to totally love and rely on God. In the end it is all about relationship…daily walking with Him, trusting, and leaning on Him. Instead of running to the phone I run to the throne, instead of whining about things, I lay them at His feet. Through this relationship building with God I have learned how to build relationships with those around me. I have so many awesome people in my life………thanks to all of you…you know who you are!

I am excited about 2008……..God has great plans and I am enjoying being a part of them!

This should get me caught up on blogging! Hopefully life will slow down soon and I can get back to sharing more often.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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