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Christmas at the Chandlers

Whew, I finally have a chance to sit down and blog about our Christmas. It has been a crazy busy season and I am ready to settle down for a little while. Not sure that will actually happen, but one could hope.
We spent our Christmas with the kids and grand kids at our house on the 23rd. We don’t have a traditional Christmas dinner, instead we plan a different menu each year. We usually discuss it at Thanksgiving and this year we decided on chicken quesadillas with guacamole, salsa,queso and chicken enchilda soup. Yummy! I made an ice cream sandwich/whopper frozen dessert to top it off. Michele brought over her quesadilla maker and it made things a lot easier. It browns the tortillas and imprints cute little designs onto them.
We ate around 4 and then sat down to open gifts……….Emery, Liam and Jaedyn were all sick and didn’t have too much interest in opening presents. We tried to get them interested, but for the most part they just wanted to be held. Rylee was feeling great and definitely ready to open her gifts and help with anyone who might be having difficulty. She was really enjoying herself. She changed clothes every time she opened a new outfit. She is at that age/stage where she wants to do it herself and says ‘No, Rylee do it’. It was so cute to watch her!
The ‘big kids’ all received several items from us with the ‘big’ gifts being the last thing they opened. Michele and Christy both received pearl earrings, I had a quilt made for Matt out of all of his old t-shirts from when he was in school, and Brandon got a new coat. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and was happy with what they received.
I got a new electric can opener and a food processor from Chele and Brandon. My old can opener was about 18 years old, but it still worked…..well I could make it work anyway! Michele was only too happy to give that to me and know I was throwing the old one away. I have to say that the new one works so much quicker and doesn’t make a sound!
Matt and Christy got Keith and I coffee mugs with the boys pictures on them. They are so cute! They get used a lot!
All in all Christmas was awesome. This is my favorite holiday and I do everything I can to make it the best it can be.
Keith and I spent Christmas day in our pajamas watching old movies. It was very relaxing.
Here are a few Christmas photos.
Out with the old…..

In with the new! Yay

Rylee & Emery love to hold hands now. It is so cute!

Jaedyn didn’t want to sit in front of the tree for Nana!

What a cutie Liam is!

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