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07 Review…….08 Goals

Last year I made the decision to step out of myself and allow God to work in and through me. I put myself on the Potters wheel and allowed Him to shape this lump of clay into a fine piece of pottery. I discovered that the past is the past, it isn’t who I am and can’t determine who I will become. I am a treasure created by God to enjoy my life everyday. He took the ashes of my past and turned them into the beauty of today. I live in and for Him, allowing him to continue to mold me into the woman of God I am destined to be. I talk to him and He talks to me. Of all that I have discovered over this past year it is hearing his voice that I love the most. Having that intimate relationship with the God who created me. I desired to go to the next level in 07 and I did.

In 2008 I desire to go deeper, to step out of the shallow and walk out into the water of God’s purpose and plan for me. This year I want to spend more time with God in prayer and fasting. I want to devote more time in my day to reading his word, digging deeper. It is going to be an exciting year!

Happy New Year!

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