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Celebrating Matt

Today my baby boy turned 23! Wow where has the time gone? We celebrated with dinner at TGI Fridays with family and a few friends. He received his annual gift certificate to get a massage! He loves getting them. When I reflect back on Matt I think about all the smiles he has brought us. He has quite the sense of humor and will laugh at things that make you ask ‘huh’. In his early teens whenever given the opportunity he would make ‘home movies’. Oh my goodness, he has a creative mind! You would have to watch them to understand, I could never explain them in this blog! Another thing I remember is watching a movie several years ago with Keith and when it was over both of us asked why we watched the whole thing. I don’t think either of us even chuckled one time. Well, when Matt got home later that night he put it in to watch it and laughed so hard it made us laugh! And I promise it wasn’t funny! But, just watching him laying on the floor laughing so hard his body shook made you laugh. He has always been that way. Matter a fact he can watch one of his favorite movies, Dumb & Dumber, and laugh like it is the first time he has ever seen it.

He has grown into an awesome young man. He is a great husband and father! I am so proud of him and the accomplishments he has already made in his young life. God has great plans for him!
I love you, Matt! Happy Birthday!

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