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I had a group of ladies( 7 including me) over on Saturday to scrapbook. We started at 10 am and the last person left at 10 pm! It was absolutely the best time. We heard some interesting stories from some of the women! It was great ‘women’ talk! I laughed a lot and learned a few things I probably didn’t necessarily need to learn! LOL
The guys went out to a gun range and exerted some testosterone! I think they spent several hours at the range, then they ate at Cimarron Steak House………and a stop at Starbucks finished off their day.
The ladies started getting hungry for some dinner so we called the men and asked them to stop at Chili’s and pick up an order we had phoned in. The name we put it under was James Bond….we laughed so hard…..Keith was the lucky guy to have to ask for our order! We told the server taking our order to make sure he said “Bond, James Bond” I haven’t done anything goofy in a long time…….it was a blast!
It was a great day for all of us. We are planning another one for Saturday, February 16th….same time, same place, same bat channel! Ha
Here are some photos from our scrap booking day!

This is what the room looked like before the day got started!

Lots of work going on!

DeLeassa’s pages……she did an awesome job….the top one was our favorite.

Leah worked on her honeymoon pictures from October. She did a awesome job on her pages.

Michele worked on some that needed to be finished from our last get together, but also did a few from her summer photos! Sunny days was her favorite.

Once Jennifer got past her intimidation of scrap booking, she took off and did some awesome pages! The beach page was her favorite.

Christy joined us in the afternoon and worked on several pages. I don’t think Liam wanted Mommy to scrapbook, so she was only able to complete two pages! Both are adorable.

These are my pages……..I think I completed 7. I was trying to get some of our Summer 06 pictures done, so I spent the day working on last summer! I love scrapbooking!

2 thoughts on “Scrapbooking

  1. These pages are great!!! I have years of photos to work on…it’s almost overwhelming. The bad thing is I don’t even have a picture of Caris in our living room yet…I have so much catching up to do.I wanted to talk to you more on Sunday but I was bombarded with people. It was hard not to spill the beans about the baby sooner:)Have a great rest of the week!


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