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Day 4

It is day 4 of our 40 days of prayer & fasting for our Crazy campaign at Peoples Church. I am so excited about where we are headed in this new endeavor. This morning during my prayer time I realized that the heart of those involved in this campaign is to reach thousands with the good news of Jesus Christ. All you have to do is read the prayers written by some of our people and you will hear it in each one. They are asking God to be used to bring the lost into a right relationship with Him; this new building will provide the means to make that happen. When we step out in faith in what God has called us to do as a church, He will provide the way to do it. We can already see how God has provided in these first 5 years for Peoples Church and I can only imagine how He will provide in the years to come. I am honored and blessed to belong to a church that the purpose is to bring the lost to Christ. It’s not about religion but about relationship and I pray that God will use me more this year than my heart could ever imagine. I am ready to be crazy for Christ.

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