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I have spent a few days reading what some of my myspace friends have listed as people they consider to be their heroes. There are a few that caused me to question what a hero is, so I looked it up. What I found it to mean is a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Someone who does something heroic, which means something done that is impressive or imposing and surpasses the ordinary. In reading those definitions I came up with some of my own heroes:

God, who came down and lived as we live, but then did the most impressive thing I can ever imagine….he laid down his life for me. Now, I have eternal life with Him in heaven. I have freedom from the sins of my past, I have joy unspeakable, I am the head and not the foot, I am a child of God and I am loved by Him unconditionally. I love you God–You are my HERO

Keith, not because he ‘has put up with me’ for the last 24 years, but because he loves me unconditionally. We have had our fair share of struggles, but one thing we never did was give up. He has always put his family first (after God); what was best for us, not necessarily what might have been the easiest, but always the best. Does he get mad at me? Oh I am sure he does, but he always loves me. We are on this journey together, it hasn’t always been easy, but we vowed to be together until the end. I love you Keith–always and forever. You are my hero.

Melanie, for her heroic (remember this means impressive or surpassing the ordinary) battle with breast cancer last year. Which by the way at this point she has walked away the victor! I know there were times when she was in so much pain or so sick from chemo, but she always stayed strong. I probably cried more for her than she did for herself. I hope if I ever have to endure anything as hard as this I will have her strength. I love you Mel! You are my hero.

Michele, for the joy she has brought into my life. I was so happy the day I became her Mom. She has always made me smile. When she was young she was diagnosed with Epilepsy. What I am sure some would see as a hinderance, she has fought back and not allowed it to dictate her life. She has two beautiful healthy daughters and a strong loving husband. It makes me cry sometimes when I think about the seizures she endures, sometimes on a weekly basis; it breaks a mother’s heart. But, I know that God keeps his hand on her and one day she will be completely seizure free–God will prevail. She is a strong loving daughter, wife and mother! I love you Michele, you are my hero!

Matt, I am so proud of him; He is so far beyond his 23 years. I was so happy the day I became his Mom. He has always had a great sense of humor . He has made us laugh for as long as I can remember. He used to laugh from way down deep in his belly when he was a baby and we would just crack up. That laughter has never gone away. He has become an awesome husband and father. He has a beautiful, loving wife and they are working together to build a life together. When times get tough he doesn’t look for the easy way out, he stands firm in what he believes. I love you Matt–you are my hero!

My list could go on and on……I guess I say all this to say, that to me a hero is someone who has done something that I consider a positive, impressive and extra ordinary thing. I don’t take any of these relationships lightly. They are given to me to help me to grow into the person I am designed and destined to be. A true hero should and will leave a lasting impression in your life.

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