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We signed the papers last night around 8 o’clock to put our house on the market. It was awesome to watch Anita put that sign in our yard. I told her that God had something crazy in store…….jump ahead about 15 hours…..she called us this afternoon and someone wanted to see it tonight at 6:30. That is crazy! I was so excited I almost screamed………..I serve a crazy God. Anyway, we left and drove around for about an hour and came back. Now we wait………..which is so much easier when you trust God and not yourself!

I will keep everyone updated!

2 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. Waiting is so hard sometimes:) Especially when it involves the sale of your house:)I love that picture of Winnie putting the sign in. Two of the best families ever…the Chandlers and the Cheatums!!!It was really good to see you again after missing you a couple weeks.


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