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The house saga continues!

The family that came by for a second look actually put an offer on our house the next day. Okay, I am new to this whole process, but I was seriously offended by their offer. How can a person be that low…..and I mean they came in seriously low. Keith, of course, isn’t new to this since he has been through realty school and he told me this low offer was normal. However, after some thought and discussion we decided not to even respond to this ridiculously and I mean ridiculously low offer. Since our house had, at that time, only been on the market for 10 days we didn’t feel we needed to rush. Well, their realtor called ours and long story short we countered with pretty much what we have it on the market for plus a few allowances. Now, we wait….again! We believe God will bring the right buyer to the table and if this is them, then the offer will be accepted and we will have a peace!

We are going to spend the day house hunting for us now…..we have been doing this already for several months and know what and where we want, but couldn’t be too serious about it until now. I am so excited! I can’t wait to have a new place!

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