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Our Crazy Blessing

Our dream home awaits us! We are so blessed…..

When we started our house hunting we made a list of all the things we felt we needed in our new home. When you walk in this house you can tell it was built for us, as if we designed the plans. God took our hearts desires and put them into this beautiful new house. For example, I wanted a gas stove instead of electric……this house has a built in gas stove and then on another wall it has double electric ovens. I laugh when I think about that…. CRAZY! What a blessing it will be to have double ovens………the holiday’s will be so much easier when it comes to baking! Woo hoo!
Anyway, we thank God for this awesome blessing! God is so GOOD. We move in the weekend of April 4th!
Here is a photo of the front of it and then a link to take a visual tour of portions of it. Enjoy!

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