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March 31, 1981

Wow, it was 27 years ago today at 3:04 pm central time that Michele Jeanne entered the world. I waited a long time for that beautiful baby girl to show herself. I can’t believe it has been this long….makes a Mom feel rather old. We celebrated her birthday with a family dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Saturday….I wanted her to have to ride the birthday saddle! I can’t make her do too many things anymore, but when it comes to her birthday I do my best to find the place that will make her the center of attention. She secretly enjoys it! She has always enjoyed being in the ‘front’, the center of attention….drama central. We tease her about it endlessly, but I wouldn’t want her to be any other way. This is who she is, the person who can laugh at herself, talk your ear off, and make the smallest little thing in life, the biggest spectacle you could ever imagine….all this is a good thing. If you are ever down, she will cheer you up. She is an awesome daughter, sister, wife and mother. If you need a friend you will never find one who is more loyal.
I wanted to celebrate her again today, on the day that she revealed herself to me 27 years ago. She has been the sunshine of my life always and will be forever. I loved watching her grow into a little girl who couldn’t wait to go to school and wouldn’t let me take her, she insisted on riding the bus. I cried and Keith reassured me she would be fine………that was not a fun day for me. I watched her blossom from being a shy middle school student into a outgoing and energetic teenager. I remember when it became more fun to hang out with her friends than her Mom and Dad. That was hard as well, but we survived. She grew up, graduated from HS, fell in love with Brandon and before I knew it Keith was walking her down the aisle to become his wife. It was hard to let her go, but I survived. When I think back over all the years and all the memories I have stored inside my heart the one memory that I will always hold dearest is the day she became a Mom. The day she was able to hold Rylee for the first time and feel the same love inside her heart that I felt the day I became her Mom. I remember sitting in her room with her and feeling so connected and so close to her that day. Watching her grow up and letting go of her along the way brought us to that moment when we connected as Moms. She has become an awesome wife and Mother and I am so proud of her. So today I celebrate my beautiful daughter on her 27th birthday……..but I also celebrate her everyday for the beautiful person that she is!

Michele, I love you! Happy Birthday!

One thought on “March 31, 1981

  1. Winnie!You are a great mom…I loved reading about your love for Michele. Did you start your move over the weekend? I was thinking about you.Have a great week!


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