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Catch up time…..again

I need to get a little more regular about blogging. What’s the use of having this if you ain’t gonna blog. Right? Right!

We had a great weekend…..Friday night we picked up Rylee and Jaedyn to keep them for the weekend. Michele and Brandon got away for the weekend to celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary. We attended a Couples Connect night at our church… was tons of fun. We had some great snack food, enjoyed a special speaker and played games with a few other couples at our table. I enjoy a good game night! It was a lot of fun!

Saturday morning we got up and enjoyed some pancakes with the girls before we headed to the OKC Zoo. We loaded up the wagon, tons of snack foods and met up with Matt, Christy and the boys to see the animals. We have taken Rylee and Emery to the zoo before, but they were too young to remember. Rylee was a little nervous at first and asked if the animals were nice, and if they like her. Once I reassured her they wouldn’t get her she was happy. They were all very excited to see the animals. It was a chilly start to the day, but warmed up nicely by noon time. The children’s area is under construction, but the Oklahoma Trails was a great walk for the kids. It was a great day! Everyone had fun.

Sunday we enjoyed another message about going Deep. I want 2008 to be the year I go deeper in my relationship with God……I thought to go Deep (said in a James Earl Jones voice) I was going to have to be a scholar! I am so happy to know that going Deep is more about obedience to God’s word and serving others than a theological study. I enjoy reading His word and am hiding it deep in my heart……but I am so happy to know I have already been ‘Deep’ in my relationship with him and just need to continue taking it to the next level. If you want to hear some awesome messages about this subject you can find them on our church website ( I encourage you to listen to them.
We had over 70 people get water baptized on Sunday. I have never seen this many people get baptized at one time, they were all making a public commitment to Christ. We serve an awesome God!

We have been so busy and I have tons of pictures to share. I will be putting them on here in the next day or so! Well, that catches me up! Have a blessed day!

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