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Family photos

I wanted to share our most recent family photos. There are about 75 total shots that were taken, but I won’t make you look at all of them! I also couldn’t figure out how to crop them so bear with me and look past that. One of my children will have to educate me on cropping.
This is one of my favorites. Mmmmm, Isn’t he just gorgeous!
I love this man!

What a beautiful family I have.

Here are the men folk!

Brandon, Keith, Matt, Emery and Liam Baby!

and those beautiful grandbabies! We had to bribe Jaedyn with fruit snacks to get her to sit for this photo. Michele says she looks photo shopped in!

and then we have the women folk!

Michele, me, Christy, Jaedyn and Rylee

and last, but not least, Nana and Papa with

Rylee, Emery, Jaedyn and Liam.

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