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Weekend update

We went out to eat with some friends on Friday evening to a barbecue place in Yukon. We have lived here for 10 years and have never heard of this place. Wow, it was awesome. I think it is going to be our new favorite place to eat! We had a great time with our friends!
Keith and I spent Saturday shopping for new ‘art’ for the walls of our new house. We found some great things and with the help of the two ‘boys’ Keith got them hung on Sunday afternoon. We bought this really large piece of iron/wood/mirror for the wall over the couch, but we are a little concerned that now it makes the room look too small. I guess we will have to look at it for a few days before we decide to move it somewhere else. We also got the curtains for the living and dining area and hope to get them hung tonight. I think it may help to balance the room out a little and then the iron piece won’t be so overwhelming! I love the piece, just not sure that will be it’s final home!

I found these adorable knife, fork and spoon pieces and had to have them for the eat in area of our kitchen. I am so excited about them!

We also found these floral prints to fill in the space next to the ‘ginormous’ TV that Keith had to have!

We had so much fun shopping for these items, but I have to mention that we didn’t do it alone. We had the help of a good friend, Jason. Thanks Jason!
Keith and I enjoyed a late lunch at Olive Garden to end our day of shopping! It was a nice quiet lunch and we enjoyed some great conversation! Love you Keith! Muah!
Sunday was a great day because it was Mother’s Day…..I love being a Mom! We got together with the kids in the afternoon and the guys helped Keith get the iron piece hung on our wall. The ladies were hanging out in the backyard with the kids enjoying the sun. I really need to get rid of this ‘pastey white’ look I have going on! We bought the little kids a basketball hoop for the backyard, but we watched the men play several games of ‘horse’ and the kids enjoyed the box that it came in! It was too funny! We decided we didn’t want to fight the lunch time crowds, so we enjoyed a Mother’s Day dinner together instead. We had a great time…it was a great way to end a spectacular weekend!
I have a great family and am blessed to be the mom to Michele and Matt.

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