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A week (or more) in review

I had real intentions of sitting down a week ago and blogging all that had gone on in our weekend, but before I knew it it was today! HA

1. A week ago last Friday we picked up the 3 King woman and took them to McDonalds to eat and play. When we first arrived it was a ‘zoo’ of children, but by the time we finished our Happy Meals there were about 5 including our two. Rylee and Jaedyn had a blast climbing in the play area….Nana had to show Rylee the way to the slide the first time, then she was an old pro. It really is a maze up there!

She loved the slide! I lost count on how many times she slid down!

Jaedyn didn’t want to venture too far into the big area, so we showed her the ‘toddler’ area and she had fun in there. Isn’t she just adorable!

I also caught Michele and Keith playing a quick basketball game. Michele managed to sink one……sorry Keith!

Michele, Brandon and the girls left early Saturday morning for a road trip to Michigan to visit her Dad and his family. It was a two day drive, but the girls did really well in the car and they had a great visit. We are so happy they are home, we really missed them!

2.) A week ago Saturday I worked on my flower beds and filled some flower pots we bought for the front porch; Emery helped me by watering the flower bed. He acted like an old pro; Matt said he was in charge of watering at their house from now on!

3.) We have gotten so much done on the house this last week. Our friend came over last Monday and Tuesday and helped us decorate the tops of my kitchen cabinets. I never could have made them look as good as they do. Here is a sneak peak, but if you want to see more you will have to come for a visit.

4.) One of the things the kids enjoy doing when they visit Nana and Papa is to feed our dog Molly. During a recent visit Emery helped Papa feed Molly and when we turned our backs he had made soup for her! Molly wasn’t in the mood for soup, so we had to feed her again. This time we kept our eye on Emery! He always makes me smile! I love that little man!

5.) Keith and I enjoyed this last weekend by ourselves and hung out at home. We worked quite a bit around the house doing a lot of ‘fine tuning’. We got curtains hung—I am sure the neighbors are happy– spray painted picture frames, organized all the remaining ‘what nots’ that haven’t found a home yet and even mowed and edged the lawn. On Sunday morning we got up and fixed us a ‘better than IHOP’ breakfast. We sauteed mushrooms, green onion, green and red peppers and ham then added some eggs, topped it all off with some cheddar cheese. It was fun working in the kitchen putting together our breakfast. Keith can make a ‘mean’ omelet, but we decided it would be much easier to scramble it all together. It was a yummy breakfast…..and what better person to enjoy it with than the man I love!

6). We enjoyed Memorial Day at Matt and Christy’s. Matt cooked out burgers and dogs, they were yummy! The boys and I put on our swim suits and hung out in the kiddie pool. I didn’t realized how pale I was until I saw a picture that Keith took of me and the boys! Yikes I need a tan! I think I was glowing!

The guys got out the golf clubs and puttered around the back yard. Keith even helped Emery swing a few times. It was fun to watch them.

We ended the day with walk around their neighborhood on their walking trail. It was a great end to a great day! Oh and the apple pie that Matt served up was awesome, even if there wasn’t any vanilla ice cream. LOL

When I reflect back on this last week (or more), I smile! I am blessed!

One thought on “A week (or more) in review

  1. Sorry again for not having ice cream…I don’t know what I was thinking!We had a great time, we’ll have to have another cookout soon, maybe with the whole family this time!Your kitchen looks awesome, Jason did a really good job. I can’t wait to see it in person!


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