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A night out with friends

We hung out with some good friends last night. It was good to get together with them, enjoy some great laughs, some excellent food and a wonderful game! I enjoyed getting to know some of them a little better…and am excited about new friendships…I see us hanging out again real soon! We played a game (guys against the girls) and of course the girls ruled and well, boys whine because girls rule! I never heard so much whining about losing a game as I did last night. It’s funny how they have to explain why they lost and how that is always because the girls had it easy! Seems some of those guys got caught up in bricks and kleptomaniacs!

It was fun even if we had to listen to our husbands whine! Thanks guys for opening up your home………can’t wait to hang out again!

One thought on “A night out with friends

  1. Victory is sweet!!!By the way, I liked your skirt on Sunday…you were wearing a skirt weren’t you??? Haven’t seen that in awhile. In fact, I haven’t worn one in a long time either. Have a great week! Love you!


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