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Priceless memories

  • Standing in faith with Keith for a good report!
  • Lunch at Michele’s to visit with her and the girls. I felt like it had been forever since I had seen them….it was probably just a few days! I love spending time with them.
  • Eating breakfast with Keith in the morning before work………..english muffins and bacon..$3; coffee for two…$2…a few minutes with the one I love before the start of our work day….priceless.
  • Taking Emery and Liam for a walk in the wagon last Saturday. Emery kept a ‘look out’ with his binoculars….Liam took in all the sights. It was so much fun.
  • Pulling weeds from the flower bed…..with Keith.
  • Coming home after a business trip to the one I love!
  • Hearing our Pastor’s heart in a message about having the Peace of God… all circumstances.
  • Friends who stand with you through good times and bad!
  • Hearing those beautiful grandchildren call me Nana.
  • Every moment spent with my children and their families.

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