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Happy 3rd Birthday Rylee

Today is Rylee’s 3rd birthday. Keith and I took her out last Friday for her birthday lunch to celebrate with Nana and Papa! We asked her where she wanted to go and she said Donalds. Since we can go there anytime we hinted at pizza and finally had to just ask her if she wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. She was so excited to go there. We had a blast, played tons of games, watched her ride on a few rides, and ate some yummy pizza. We also took her shopping for her ‘happy birthday’ present. She had requested a ‘bacuum’ and we found her a Hoover at Toys R Us. It was funny to walk that aisle and see a Dirt Devil, a Hoover and a Dyson vacuum! The Dyson was the most expensive! She got a Hoover… had great attachments and makes real vacuum noises.

We had a blast hanging out with her and had a lot of conversations throughout the day; right now she is the Queen of Questions. Here are two conversations we had on the ride home:

Rylee: Papa, where’s your Daddy?
Papa: He lives in Tennessee.
Rylee: Why?
Papa: That is where his house is?
Rylee: Why? (this went on for quite a while and I won’t bore you with all the ‘whys”
Rylee: Papa, where’s your mommy?
(I chimed in here to answer for him)
Me: She is in heaven with Jesus
Rylee: Why?
Me: It was time for her to go live with him.
Rylee: Why?
Me: Jesus wanted her there.
Rylee: Oh

(a few minutes for her to think and then this conversation)

Rylee: Nana, where’s your Daddy?
Me: Remember, he is in heaven with Jesus
Rylee: Why?
Me: Jesus wants him to live there now.
Rylee: He there with Papa’s Mommy?
Me: Yes!

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but she is so smart!

One more conversation, only because it will really give you a chuckle.

Rylee: Nana, Papa a man?
Me: Yes, Papa is a man.
(a few moments of thought here)
Rylee: He not an old man, right?
Papa: Why thank you Rylee!
Me: No, Papa is not an old man!

This little girl has been a blessing to us since the moment she was born. It is so much fun watching her grow and learn. I am sure we will have many more conversations as she grows and I will do my best to jot them down so we can reminisce when she is older.

Happy Birthday Rylee! Nana and Papa love you tons!

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