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1. Keith and I had a spectacular time away this past weekend. We watched the fireworks from the lawn of our hotel……it was so romantic. There were a few situations with some ants, but other than that no complaints. I did laugh when I heard the sprinklers across the street come on and we started wondering if they would do the same where we were sitting. I can say that we walked away dry.

2. We ate dinner at Papadeaux’s……..they make the best food. The conversation and food were both top notch!

3. I think we shopped every home decor store we could find! Keith is such a trooper.

4. Sunday was spent at the pool…… was HOT….but the water was refreshing. We took a little break and watched the rest of the tennis match that afternoon and then headed back out to the pool. We both got a little sun, but nothing too bad. At least I don’t glow in the dark anymore!

5. We talked about our favorite moments on our trip home, we both had our own and then agreed on a few others. All in all it was a fabulous time away. The drive home was long because we ran into two different construction zones and I think the whole state of Texas was traveling to Oklahoma! No complaints though……

6. Keith enjoyed a day of golf with Matt today. I am glad they had the chance to do that. Matt has recently started playing golf and Keith loves that they can spend the time together. I hear Matt played really well today………way to go Matt!

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  1. Glad you two had a good weekend to yourselves- you deserved it!Matt of course thought he could of done better today but was happy he ended up only 11 strokes behind Keith…pretty good for someone who’s only been playing for 3 months!


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