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On the road again……

I am going on another business trip….leave tomorrow for Chicago. I have spent the last week or more whining, so I won’t do that now. (long silence while I try to figure out what to say that won’t be whining) I think this blog post is going to be very short…..if I am going to avoid the whining I have to think of something positive about taking this 4 day trip. Hmmmmm, well, I will earn some air miles……I do enjoy the people I work with……it is fun seeing new scrapbooking products….Chicago is a pretty place to visit…we all love to eat at a pizza place across from our hotel…….okay, I feel better………LOL But, I am going to miss Keith so much..we have been enjoying our time together so much lately that I hate that I will be somewhere without him……. and I am missing the Ladies Night event at our church. I am excited about the evening that was planned and know that everyone that attends will be blessed. I believe this will be a stepping stone to new friendships and stronger relationships with the woman of Peoples Church. I can’t wait to be a part of another one and meet some of the beautiful ladies who call Peoples Church home!

Well, I am off to pack my bag…..again….

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