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Last weekend the kids were over for a cookout and Rylee asked if we could go out front and see Nana’s pretty flowers. I can’t remember now if she gave my garden that name or if I did, but her sweet voice saying those words melts a Nana’s heart. So, out front we went to sit on the step and talk about all the flowers growing in the garden. When we first stepped outside something flew around my legs and I thought it was a dragonfly. After settling on the step I realized it was a hummingbird. I absolutely love hummingbirds, but was so surprised to see one. I pointed it out to her and told her it was a hummingbird and he was eating the nectar from our pretty flowers. I spent the next few minutes answering the what, why and how questions that only a 3 year old can ask. 🙂 When I realized the bird was going to hang out for a few minutes I went to the door and called Keith out to see it. When he came out Rylee was quick to say ” Papa look at our ‘cuppingbird’. I tried to correct her, but this hummingbird is now officially a ‘cuppingbird’. I am not sure how she arrived at that but it was too cute to continue to correct her. When Papa went back in, Rylee opened the front door and called out to her Daddy, “Daddy, come see the ‘cuppingbird’. She told everyone who would listen about our ‘cuppingbird’ and how he was eating Nana’s pretty flowers.

I imagine from now on we will not only go out front to see Nana’s pretty flowers but we will also look for our ‘cuppingbird’.

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