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I spent the entire day totally relaxing……..I mean on the couch with a blanket in my pajamas! It was awesome and the best relaxation I have had in a while. Keith was playing golf today and I decided I needed to something just for me. So I got up around 7, made a pot of coffee, saw Keith off for his day, found my favorite blanket and curled up on the couch with the remote control. I watched a little of the Olympics, a little HGTV, then spent the rest of the day with the Lifetime channel and a box of tissues. It was absolutely wonderful. I decided I needed to end the day in a huge way so I called Keith and asked him to pick me up a banana split on his way home! Yum. Yum…Yum…3 scoops of chocolate cookie dough ice cream, marshmallow cream on the outside scoops and chocolate fudge in the middle….top it off with whipped creme, nets and cherries…they gave me three :-)….and I can’t think of a better way to end a me day. It was so yummy and I ate the whole thing!

I did get up and get dressed so we could enjoy Lyric’s 4th birthday. She was having a Princess party and I really wanted to go….the little girls each dressed as one of the Disney Princesses……….they even had on tiaras. I decided I needed one since I had acted like a princess all day, but there weren’t any extras. I was a little sad, but got over it by eating a nice size piece of Princess birthday cake….Yummy! Happy Birthday Lyric!

I am going to have to eat good tomorrow to make up for all the junk I ate today! I can’t wait to have another Saturday like this very soon……………..

2 thoughts on “re~lax~a~tion

  1. Matt thinks he’ll be able to move his “range” to the left and not be in danger of hitting the house being built there…however, if he ever hit the ball really bad, he’d be in trouble! Thanks for praying, my goal is to loose 15lbs, which isn’t a lot but still hard to get rid of after having two kids, well unless you’re a freak of nature like Michele! lol


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