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Keith’s Happy Birthday

We celebrated Keith’s birthday yesterday with dinner out with family and some good friends. We took him out to Cattleman’s and had, what we all believe to be, our best steaks ever. Everything was very yummy, but the steak was over the top! We really enjoyed celebrating with everyone! When we left we used the Cattlemen’s shuttle (horse and buggie) to get back to our vehicles! It was so much fun….the little ones really enjoyed it.

Keith and I have celebrated 25 birthdays together….while that sounds like we should be old, we are both still very young! After all those birthdays I was beginning to run out of ideas for presents…..after much thought I knew what I wanted to get him, and what he really wanted and needed. He loves going for a massage, so I hooked him up with a gift card to have several of them! As a matter of fact as I type this he is off enjoying his first one.
Keith is an awesome husband, father, Papa and friend…..and I am blessed to have him as the man of my life!
Happy Birthday to you….my hunk of burning love!

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