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Keith and I have decided that since we aren’t getting any younger we should probably start taking care of ourselves. We pretty much watch what we eat, but haven’t really exercised on a regular basis in about a year. We bought a work out video, but quickly realized that we were too out of shape to do it… is a little extreme. So, to get ourselves in shape we have started walking in the morning before work. I am an early bird, but Keith is snooze-button-pusher! I thought the early morning wake up was going to be a challenge, but Keith has been a trooper and been up and ready each morning. We get up at 5 and try to get out the door by 5:20. The first morning we walked we took our dog with us, but she only slowed us down and it took us 20 minutes. I drove it later that day to see how far it was and it turns out to be exactly 1 mile. We decided Molly was holding us back and we leave her home now! This week we have walked it in 12 minutes! Woo Hoo!

I have joined a group of ladies at work for a slimdown challenge. I don’t necessarily need to loose weight, although a few pounds wouldn’t kill me; I am more interested in toning what I have. I have acquired this extra flap of loose fat on my upper arms that has a tendency to flow around like a flag blowing in the wind whenever I wave at someone! I know you are probably grossed out at that description, but it is worse in real life. Don’t get your feelings hurt if you wave and I don’t wave back, unless of course I have on long sleeves! I am very determined to tone that yucky flab of fat up. I would also like to tighten up the old lady gut that I have managed to get over the last few years! It stinks getting old!

If I gotta get old, then I might as well look hot doing it! LOL

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