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Happy Birthday Liam-Baby

I am a few days behind on my blogging………’s been a busy week!

Liam Keith, our youngest grandson, celebrated his 1st birthday on the 17th of this month! He spent the first year of his life tagged as Liam-baby zero by his cousin Rylee! Now we can’t say that anymore, but I think he will always be our Liam-baby. I can’t believe he is one already. He is the most bashful of our 4 grandchildren, and I love it when he hides his face when someone talks to him. He has a sweet personality with a deep-down-in-his-belly laugh. Sometimes he will even throw his head back when he laughs. Liam is a momma’s boy, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, except that we can only hold him for a few minutes at a time, then he wants to go to his mom. We were surprised to learn he was walking when he was only 11 months old…although he only did it when he wanted to. Now he is all over the place and coming out of his shell!

Keith and I took him to Wendy’s for a kid’s meal on his birthday; he ate fairly well, but mostly the mandarin oranges! We forgot to take his sippee cup, so he had to drink from a straw! Surprisingly he did it like a pro! After dinner we headed out to the toy department where we set him down at the end of the row of toys for his age and off he went, touching and pointing to everything. He only pulled a few things off the shelves and we gave him several to play with. It was fun watching him! He got his first lawnmower, too bad for Dad that it doesn’t have a blade! Mom told us he liked to push things, so we tried to find things that could be pushed. He left the store loaded down with the lawnmower, a musical push toy and a giant blue ball.

We are so blessed to have all of our grandchildren and each one brings us special joy in their own way. Liam has eyes that light up when he smiles and a cute bashfulness about him that sets him apart from the others. We are excited to watch him grow and change!

Happy Birthday Liam Baby……

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