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The little tomato that could……

If you are a reader of my blog you will remember sometime back me mentioning that I was trying my hand at growing tomatoes. Well, after a little bit of shaking (the plant) and lots of prayer~I finally got my first tomato. It took a few weeks for it to reach maturity and ripen, but the last week of September,(seems late to me) I finally picked it. You might say it wasn’t the largest tomato on the vine, but it was the only one! Here is a photo of it next to an average everyday apple! (I hear that chuckle) I let it sit on the counter for a day or so just to be sure it was ripe and would taste ‘oh so yummy’. Keith and I enjoyed it one evening right before dinner.

Can you tell it was yummy?
I love home grown tomatoes…..and this one, although it was only one bite each, was the best home grown tomato I had all summer, and into early fall. Okay, it was the only one, so I might be a little prejudice!
I thought this was going to be our only tomato from this plant, but I currently have 7 growing, with some almost ready to pick. I hope they mature before the first freeze! Not sure what I did wrong on this first try, but you can bet I will plant again next year!
Sorry I didn’t get enough to share, but check back next summer as the tomato plant saga continues!

3 thoughts on “The little tomato that could……

  1. That is so funny! I wish I would have known – my sister and I had a tomatoe growing competition this summer and she beat me terribly! She had so many tomatoes that many actually ruined! I would have brought you some! 🙂


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