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Jaedyn’s Happy Birthday

It happened….Jaedyn grew up overnight and turned 2 years old. I can’t believe how fast she is growing. Keith and I picked her up on Thursday for her birthday date…she looked so cute. She had on a cute little pants outfit and mommy had curled her hair. She was excited to go out and decided she wanted to eat pizza. We took her to the mall so we could eat and then shop all in one place. Until they get older and can really pick a food place, we go were it is easy for now.

I hoped we would be able to eat in a ‘car’ at the food court. I knew she would think this was fun and I secretly have always wanted to do that. We got the chance to do it…I think I was more excited than she was, but she did know she was in a car. I had to take her top off because it was white and I was afraid she would get pizza on it, so she is naked from the waste up in her dinner pictures…sorry Jaedyn.
We took her to the Disney store to pick out a toy….she looked at everything and said ‘what’s that’ about a thousand times. If you tried to ignore even one of the ‘what’s that’s’ she would stand her ground and ask continually until you told her something. She was fully educated on the Disney store when we left. Her favorite item turned out to be a Pluto stuffed toy and a Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She looked like such a big girl walking with her shopping bag. From there we went to buy her an outfit. She was pretty good about trying things on….I really just wanted to see her in a lot of them, but didn’t necessarily want to buy them. While Keith and I were discussing which outfit to buy she was busy picking outfits out for Liam and Emery….it was really funny to hear her say ‘this Liam’s” or “this Emery’s”.
The found a purse that she liked, but I think between her and her sister they probably have more than enough of those…so we passed.

After the clothing store we stopped to buy a cookie, she picked out one with M & M’s on it…and we headed home. I think she had a great time….I know Nana and Papa did.

Happy Birthday Jaedyn…Nana & Papa love you tons!

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