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Celebrating Emery

We celebrated Emery’s 3rd birthday with a trip to the food court at the mall for dinner and then some shopping. He was excited that we got to eat in a car….yes we were just there last week, but we ate in a pink car then. This night we enjoyed some dinner in a black car. Emery is our quiet, shy and very aware of everything that goes on around him Grandson. He didn’t talk much during dinner because there was too much to keep an eye on. Matter of fact, he didn’t eat much either. After dinner, we were on our way to the Disney store when we detoured to take ‘spin’ in one of the cars you can ride in. He wouldn’t get in unless Papa rode with him, so as you can see, it was a tight squeeze, but Keith and Emery took a quick ride.

As we approached the escalator it became apparent that he was not a fan of riding on them and had to be held. He enjoyed the ride in Papa’s arms.

He had a great time in the Disney store trying to make a decision on which Cars characters he was going to get. This is his favorite movie and everything he ever wants involves the characters from it, with Lightening McQueen being his favorite. Anyway, after much decision he picked out Doc Hudson and The King….off to the register we went, where he paid for his prizes.

We also picked him out two pair of jeans, 2 shirts and one pair of light up Car’s (Lightening McQueen) tennis shoes. Of course we ended our evening with a cookie and then headed home. It was fun to spend a few hours with Emery and spoil him a little more.

Happy 3rd Birthday Emery, Nana & Papa love you!

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Emery

  1. Kaeden turns 3 next month and he loves Cars too! I’m glad you mentioned the Disney store because I didn’t even consider it – but now I’ll go and see what I can find for his birthday. Happy Birthday Emery!


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