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Lunch time memories…..

I spend a lot of my lunch times at Michele’s house, visiting with the girls and spending a few moments with my beautiful daughter. Today when I got there they had already had their lunch and were playing. We sat down on the living room floor to look at a belated Christmas gift (yes, I said Christmas gift) that I found in my drawer this morning under my sweaters. I was suppose to give it to Rylee last year and well, out of sight, out of mind! Especially this old ladies mind! After we played with that for a few minutes Rylee took it and put it away……..where, I am not sure, but she ‘put it away’ according to her. On her way back she found the comb and crept up behind Michele to ‘fix’ her hair. She put the comb gently into the bottom portion of Michele’s hair and combed through it. She leaned around her and said “did that hurt sweetie?” and Michele said no. She continued to comb her hair and would ask if it hurt occasionally……..then she turned Michele’s head to the right and said ‘look like that’(something Michele said she has them do when she is putting up their hair). I was having such a hard time not laughing at Rylee imitating her mom. She continued doing this and then went and gathered up all her Dora hair supplies…crimper, curling iron, blow dryer and a my little pony brush. Back she came and continued to work on Michele’s hair while we talked. I asked her if she was going to be a hair dresser when she grew up and she smiled and nodded her head. In the end, when Michele was totally beautified, Rylee leaned around her and said ‘there you go Baby’……It was so sweet. And her Mom looked wonderful!

I love these lunch time memories

2 thoughts on “Lunch time memories…..

  1. Yeah, I looked so much more beautiful than I did 10 minutes before she started! Lol….oh, and Brandi, my girls put their babies in time-out all the time and threaten to spank them and take their movies away….lol, oops!


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