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Ladies Night

Wow…what a great time we had last night at our Ladies Connect. We decorated for the holidays, laid out a huge spread of food, and played a lot of games. The whole idea behind these events is to connect woman of our church, I believe this happened. We played some really fun games that had them working together to complete them and even had a few teams singing Jingle Bells with balloon antlers on! There were many of our community groups represented and the ladies each took a few minutes to plug their group. We ended the evening with a fun game that had them passing a Christmas ornament left and right and in the end the person with the ornament won the centerpiece on their table. All the centerpieces were made by one of the ladies in our church, I had the vision, she had the talent! As the ladies left they each received a package of ‘snowman soup’, it was a hit! I I even enjoyed being the emcee, not normally my cup of tea! This evening was a huge success because I know connections were made!

I really enjoyed pulling this together and had a great team of ladies that were a BIG (HUGE) help! Thank you!

I will try to post some pictures soon, we had several ladies taking photos and even a video camera.

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