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So much has been going on that the best way to catch up is to ‘download’:

I had the opportunity to visit NY while on a recent business trip. It was so much fun and I took so many pictures. I uploaded them to my Facebook if you want to see them. The one thing I wanted to do more than anything was walk through Central Park….and I did. 🙂 I saw the bridge from Home Alone where the pigeon lady scene was shot. 🙂 I can’t wait to go back sometime in the summer months and enjoy it again, but this time with Keith! I also wanted to see the tree in Rockefeller Center…saw it….it was so awesome. 😉 I saw so much it would take me forever to put it in writing. I had a blast!

We finally got a new tree to put up in our living room. We put our other tree in our office window because it can be seen from the front of the house. The living room tree will be for the gifts! I let the Grandbabies decorate it with the ornaments we have collected over the years. All the ornaments were on the bottom half of the tree so I had to move a few around after they left. Papa took Rylee to the store and let her pick out the star…it’s the perfect finish to our tree.

We attended our church Volunteer Banquet last Friday. I love being a volunteer at Peoples Church! I have come out of my box this last year and now work with adults! Ha-ha. I have always worked in kid’s ministry, mainly because I love kids, but also because it was safe! I stepped down from that ministry a few years ago and now I am stepping out into a whole new world (isn’t that a song?) and building relationships with the adults I attend church with. I love it! I purposed to go to the next level with God this year and I can see Him working in and through me! I love it!

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping. I have a few things left to do before we have our family Christmas on Saturday. We are starting a new tradition this year and will spend the whole day together beginning with breakfast. Normally we just get together for dinner and open presents. I want to unwrap presents in our pajamas! Not so sure everyone will be on board with this, but I am going to try! We stopped having a traditional Christmas dinner about 12 years ago and instead we pick a new menu each year. We are doing Mexican this year, it is my favorite.

Brandon and Michele had a chance to get away this past weekend and we kept the girls. I love having them over, it really ‘brightens’ up our house. Jaedyn woke up with the stomach flu on Friday morning….she was spending this day and night with Brandon’s Mom and did quite a bit of throwing up. I can handle just about anything, but was happy that she had stopped that when I picked them up Saturday morning. (Yay) I spent most of my time changing diapers and trying to coax her into drinking something. It was Sunday night before she said she was hungry. I was sad to see her not feeling good. I really covered our home in prayer and Lysol!

Rylee was in her first Christmas play this past Sunday night. Her church does an annual pre-school play and she played a sheep. I took her to practice on Saturday morning; she was adorable crawling down the aisle saying Baa Baa. Michele, Brandon and Keith went to the performance on Sunday evening and I stayed home with Jaedyn.

This morning Keith woke up with the stomach flu. I know he is miserable. 😦 I am praying he will get over it quickly and that I DO NOT get it.

Okay, I think I am caught up! Have a blessed week!

One thought on “Whew!

  1. I feel the same way you do about “coming out of my shell” this past year. I always wanted to fade into the crowd – now I’m a greeter and I love it! It’s great to still grow after 30! 🙂I’m glad you got to go to NYC – I’ve always wanted to see the tree too!I hope Keith feels better and pray that you don’t get it! I’ll see you Sunday!


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