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Keith and I got all the Christmas decor put away on Saturday morning. Since the weather was so nice we decided to get out and go for a bike ride. It was my first time to take ‘Roxie’ out and I was ready. We can get to the Mustang walking trails from our neighborhood, so we headed that direction. I hadn’t been on a bike in, well, let’s just say it had been a while. Things were going well until I had to pedal uphill…was not as easy as the kids make it look. I had to get off and walk it… really wasn’t a hill either….sad, I know. Anyway, we ended up at the house of our friends and stopped in for a break, I mean visit! We talked with them for a while and then the guys adjusted my seat up a little…it was decided that was why I couldn’t pedal up the hill/slope! When I took off it actually felt a lot better, but as soon as we rounded the corner and I had to pedal uphill and against the wind….it wasn’t long before I was walking the bike! I did make it home, but I think I had to walk the bike at least 3 more times….moral of this story….I need to get myself in shape! But I am looking forward to more bike rides with my husband.

Matt had his 24th birthday last Sunday…I can’t believe my baby is already 24. We normally take the kids out for dinner, but this year we got together at Christy’s parent’s house. When you have 14 people and 4 of them are under 4 it is easier to eat at home. Christy’s mom made the best spaghetti and meatballs I have ever had….and the fettuccine was yummy. It was so nice to visit with everyone and the kids to got run around and play. Matt got several gift cards and a new drill….men love power tools…the conversation in the room switched to who had the most powerful drill….cracked me up!

After the biking massacre I decided I needed to do some walking to get myself in shape. We can walk in our warehouse at work so off I went. It really wasn’t bad….I enjoy walking, but my legs were burning when I was done. I plan to walk everyday and hope this will help me ride my bike uphill and against the wind!

Things are crazy busy at work, it’s that time of year where you assess your current inventory and consider new. I love looking at new, but it’s always hard to let the old go! Typical huh!

Keith had some dental work done on Friday….I took him at 9 and he wasn’t done until 12:10…..I didn’t know it was going to take that long, so I didn’t take a book….I read every magazine in the waiting room….need to know anything about anyone is Hollywood just ask…I have read every People magazine as far back as September! At one point the Dr. called me back to ensure the crown he was putting on was an okay color…..Keith was ‘sleeping’. I told him I thought it was fine and went back to reading. When Keith came out I asked him if he remembered me coming back…he said vaguely..I said “well, the crown they ordered came in and I had to agree to the color because it was hot pink, did he have a problem with that?” It took him a minute to process the information and then just smiled! I thought it was funny!

Today is Saturday and I am just going to chill….I found a friend on facebook and we are going to talk…probably for hours, this afternoon. We were stationed in Kodiak together back in late 80’s. We lost contact about 15 years ago, but I have searched high and low! Anyway, I decided to check facebook to see if her kids might be on there and on my first search I found her son. It was only a day or so later and her and I were chatting on facebook….it was awesome to have found them. Now we get to talk and catch up after all these years……I can’t even explain how happy I am. We spent many a snowy or rainy day in our pajamas drinking coffee!

I head out to Utah tomorrow to meet with some vendors……I am excited about seeing the snow. I might even make a snow angel. Some of us discussed possibly making a snowman as well….I miss having that much snow. Oh and I guess I am excited about new product I will see as well afterall it is a business trip!

Well, I am off to enjoy my coffee, watch some HGTV and wait to make my phone call.

Hope everyone had a blessed week!

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