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Rounding third base

I finished the trade show today…woo hoo. I normally have to go in on the last day (tomorrow) and hook up with those I missed, but I managed to see everyone. I even managed a meeting with one of our overseas vendors…at Starbucks with a cup of hot tea. Those are the best kind of meetings!

I was a little disappointed in the overall show, but did find some new tools that I think everyone will be excited to see. The theme of this show was ‘going green’ but I don’t know that I really saw a lot of people pushing it. There was one booth that was made entirely of recycled cardboard, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what they were selling. I stared for a long time, but all I saw was cardboard. The chair, the table, the floors, the walls, the decor, including a tree coming out of the corner, but nothing shouted scrapbooking….as a matter of fact I didn’t see any product at all. I will have to discuss that tonight at dinner and see what everyone else thought.

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but my feet and legs are really hurting this trip. I wonder if old age is catching up with me. It could be I need new shoes, but I hate to shop for shoes, so I always wear the same ones. I guess I am going to have to breakdown and go shopping. Blah!

We are going to a Italian restaurant tonight for dinner and then I think we are going into Disney to shop. Evidently there is an actual city named Disney. 🙂 I am not big on shopping and my feet hurt, but how often do you get this chance….so I am going to suck it up!

We are suppose to head home tomorrow, but we hear flights from Dallas to OKC are either being delayed or cancelled. We are on the last flight out from Dallas, so pray we are able to get out. I am ready to come home….

Oh, also, for breakfast this morning, I had a small amount of fruit, toast and some hot tea. Definitely a smaller amount than the two precious mornings and no bacon! It was yummy…and the best part was I enjoyed it in my room………..

Well, I am off to meet the gang, again, in the lobby!

Stay warm my blogging friends….see you soon!

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