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Slide into Home

Well, there wasn’t any sliding in regards to the plane landing, but our neighborhood is a sheet of ice. It is nice to be home…I always miss Keith so much and can’t wait to get home to him.

Our flight out of Orange County was delayed by an hour, but at least we had a flight out. Some of the earlier flights had been cancelled and we left many of our buyers in CA. However, if you are going to be stranded I think that is probably where I would want to be. They were all scheduled to fly out early this morning.

We were also delayed by an hour leaving Dallas so we didn’t get in until a little after 11. I am pooped! When I got down to baggage claim there was a sea of baggage down there. It was crazy! My bag made it home with me, so I didn’t have to ‘go fishing’ for it! As I was walking out to meet Keith, this announcement came over the speaker ” If you cannot find your luggage, please see the baggage agent, we have many more bags in the back” LOL, so do you just pick what you want?

Well, I am up and drinking my first cup of coffee. I have to go into the office today, so I need to get my day started……..I am so happy to be home!

Stay safe today…and warm!

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