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Random Thoughts

I lost 3.4 pounds last week! Size 8 here I come.

I am humbled by the many blessings God has poured over us. Our cup runneth over!

Michele took Rylee and had her ears pierced yesterday. Why was it okay for me to take Michele when she was little, but it hurts my feelings that she took Rylee? Of course, Rylee loves the earrings, but because it made her cry, it hurt my heart.

I got to spend 4 days with my sister last week…..we had so much fun. We shopped, ate and scrapbooked. One morning we went to Braums and started our day with a banana split….I love, love, love banana splits. It was fun!

Hearing ‘No’ to something that you really want is difficult.

I have enjoyed driving my new car…zoom- zoom…good bye Grandma mini van, hello sporty Nana!

Keith and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary later this year.

I had lunch with a friend today….we need to do that more often.

I am excited for spring to get here. I am going to put in three new flower beds and one vegetable garden. I want to try more than tomatoes this year.

I love being a part of our church and seeing lives changed. I am a life changed!

I am happy that today is Friday; I am looking forward to relaxing this evening with Keith. Tomorrow he is golf club shopping and I am going to catch up on some ‘me’ time. We have a date planned for tomorrow evening….dinner and a concert.

The weather today was beautiful, it was hard to see it out my windows at work and not want to be out in it.

I am reading a new book, Get Out of That Pit, by Beth Moore. It’s time to get out!

My favorite thing to eat right now is Greek salad….I think it’s more the Feta cheese than anything else. I just can’t seem to get enough of this salad!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Great job on the weight loss! And – you should post a pic of your sporty new car – I want to see it!! 🙂 Have fun on your date tonight! I can’t wait to hear all about it.


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