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My ‘Me’ Day

I took a day yesterday just for myself……it was so relaxing. I need to do this more often! However, I would choose to typically do it any day but Sunday because I really missed church and all my friends. Anyway, one of the things I did was soak in my jetted tub and read my book. I am currently reading Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore and it is quite eye opening. I put on my ‘comfy’ clothes and decided on no makeup. I put dinner/lunch in the crock pot and that opened the door for me to alphabetize my spices. Yes, this is probably a little obsessive compulsive and totally out of my ‘norm’ but there are so many in my cabinet and finding the one you need can be time consuming. I really did laugh at myself for doing it, but am happy I did. I spent the rest of the morning on the couch catching up on last week’s shows we had DVR’d. In the midst of the day, not sure exactly when, a peace came over me. It wasn’t anything chilling or physical, just a God like peace that swept through my body. I looked around the room, not sure what I was looking for :-), even talked out loud; I think I said ‘Wow’. Now I wasn’t deep into any spiritual moment, just resting on the couch with the remote control and I felt God give me peace. Honestly I don’t know why it happened at that moment and who am I to pick it apart. I just know I was feeling God’s peace. Nothing more happened, just that moment of feeling the weight of ‘life’ being lifted and God pouring peace. But, the rest of my day was so relaxing, calm, peaceful……I wish I was better with words so I could explain it better, but I guess the only thing that matters is I know it happened and I feel awesome………

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