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Weekend Fun

Keith and I enjoyed a movie on Friday night. We rented Australia and enjoyed it with our dinner. It started out a little slow, but we thought it was a good movie.

Saturday I went to the ‘hair doctor’ and got ‘new hair’. I asked her to take my hair back to it natural color. Hmmmm, not so sure I like my natural color or it isn’t really my natural color, but it’s growing on me. Keith really likes it, but I feel like I am going ‘goth’! LOL

We enjoyed Saturday with Rylee and Jaedyn, and they spent the night. We took them over to the video store and let them choose a movie each. They have a selection of kid movies that you can ‘rent’ for free. Jaedyn picked out Rudolph, it’s her favorite movie and Rylee picked out a cartoon version of Cinderella. Papa kept trying to get Jaedyn to pick out something else, but it was what she wanted. We also picked up a container of movie popcorn to share. We left there and headed to the car wash, something the girls said they had never done. Our car has a ‘sun roof’ so we enjoyed the soap and water through the window in the roof. After the carwash we drove over to Braums for ice cream; Rylee ate two scoops of chocolate and Jaedyn almost finished one! Nana enjoyed her normal banana split and Papa had a brownie fudge sundae. Once we got home we spread out the blankets on the floor, popped the popcorn and kicked back to watch Rudolph! Keith said he felt like he should dig out the Christmas lights! Christy and the boys stopped over later in the day and the kids played like crazy!

We decided to set the clocks up early so we would go to bed at a reasonable hour and it also allowed us to put the girls down at the ‘right’ time! They took a bath in Nana’s big tub and off to read books and go to bed. They were down and out by 8:30, well really it was 7:30! But, hey they didn’t know and since they hadn’t had a nap they didn’t take long to crash!

Sunday morning was fun….it takes more to get us all out the door when we have kiddos over, but we managed to get out on time.

We heard a great message about Change…this is another blog all by itself! Ch-Ch-Change!

After church we stopped and got the universal kids lunch…chicken nugget happy meals at ‘donalds’ and headed home. Rylee fell asleep about halfway home, but Jaedyn was happy sipping on her sprite. By the time we got them to their house they were both ready for naps and so was Nana and Papa! I always love having the kids over and we had a fantastic time! Our house is meant to have grandbabies in it!

One thought on “Weekend Fun

  1. What a wonderful weekend!!I did miss our hug on Sunday – but I was stuck at my post 🙂 and was unable to get over to you! Next weekend, for sure!Also, I was going to tell you that I liked your hair color! I think it looks great on you! Not Goth at all. 🙂


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