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Slumber party

Keith and I had all 4 of the grandkids over last night for a movie and a sleepover. We started the evening’s events with hot dogs, chicken nuggets and chips. Bath time was going to be quick with everyone just getting in long enough to get clean and have their hair washed. I used our jetted tub in our bathroom because the kids really like it. Emery and Rylee went first….when it was time to get out, Emery asked about the jets, he said he wanted to ‘see ’em’. Rylee was not happy about it and scrambled to get out, but I assured her that I wouldn’t turn them on until they were both out. So, out they came, I dried and dressed Emery, wrapped Rylee in a towel while I ran a little more water in the tub to cover the jets….I turned them on and we had a very large sprinkler system going…I screamed and tried to turn them off. Well, in my panic I turned them off and on again…then finally off. Emery was drenched, both were screaming and there was water everywhere. Both kids ran for their lives when the water starting shooting out, but the water sprayed all the way into our bedroom and hit our bed. It was all over the walls and the mirror over our sinks. It was crazy! I got it all cleaned up and then laughed as I explained to Keith what had happened! I ran clean water and gave the Jaedyn and Liam a bath…but no jets!

After bath time, we settled them down and gave them ‘goodie bags’…they had a balloon, a lei, chewy granola bar, skittles, spinning top, a ball and fruit snacks. They were so excited! After this we popped some popcorn and settled in to watch Bolt. They settled into the blankets and pillows and snacked on popcorn. It was so cute….one of those moments that makes me so happy to be a Nana!

When it was time to head to bed, we decided to put the boys in our bed with Keith and the girls with me in the guest room. Emery wanted to sleep with Rylee and Sissy, so the three of us settled in and off Keith went with Liam. Keith got up this morning shortly after the rest of us were up and walked into the kitchen holding Liam…this is what he said (in a high pitched voice) ‘the next time Liam sleeps with me we will either have to tie his legs together or I will need sports cup’! It was too funny!

We had so much fun having a sleepover with all 4 of them. Can’t wait until this summer because I want to ‘camp out’ in the backyard….mmmm smores.

3 thoughts on “Slumber party

  1. You didn’t tell me about the bath incident! I asked Emery about it and he didn’t tell me too many details, he said he wasn’t scared though… LOL Thanks again for watching them, sorry Liam kicked a lot! He never kicks me during the night. You guys will have to have a sleepover outside while we’re gone in Hawaii.


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