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Egg-cellant Easter

We had great Easter with the kids and grandkids this year. The typical egg hunt with lots of candy to enjoy! We had ham, potatoes, asparagus, corn on the cob and lots of different desserts. It was great to have everyone over and be able to sit and enjoy a holiday meal together.

The little kids hunted eggs first…..but then it was time for the big kids!!!! Keith and I started a new tradition last year with the ‘big’ kids by holding a Golden Egg hunt for them. Last year Matt won and Michele was determined he wouldn’t win again. I was a little concerned with hiding the eggs because our yard is quite a bit smaller than our old yard, but we managed. Actually we did so well (they were camouflage eggs) that it took them a lot longer to find them…..the girls actually had to get ‘hot and cold’ directions or they would still be looking. Once the eggs are found they all opened them together…..Christy was the big winner. Michele was disappointed, but vowed to win next year! We’ll see!

Here are a few pics from our day!

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