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Weekend Get-a-way…..

Keith and I made a quick trip to Corpus (actually Port Aransas) to visit my Mom. The island she lives on has an annual Sand Fest that we have enjoyed before, so we decided on the spur of the moment to head down again. The artists that come to this event can really build a beautiful sand castle. Here is one, but the rest can be seen on my facebook.

It was great to visit with my Mom and sister and enjoy some down time. The beach was crowded, but we enjoyed seeing all the sandcastles. People come from all around the US to compete in this sandcastle building contest. It is amazing to see what they can create from sand.

We headed home on Monday morning, but made a pit stop north of San Antonio to visit the drive thru Safari. We had visited this place when the kids were in Elementary School and enjoyed it, so we decided to see it again. There weren’t as many animals as there was when we went years ago, but it was still amazing to see them.
Keith and I enjoyed this trip because it wasn’t so ‘planned’ out……so much easier to relax.

Oh and before we left the beach I got a toe ring…….

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