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New stuff

It has been way too long since I blogged and I have all this neat stuff to share……..I could spend hours on here catching up, but I only have a few minutes and wanted to share our new bedding! Keith and I have been married for 25 years and have never decorated our room beyond just the simple bedding and have never owned a bed frame past the medal thingy you get for $25 when you buy your mattresses. Okay, don’t feel sorry for us, we were just too lazy to put our time and effort into it, so now that we are in our new house we decided it was time to really do it right. It took a year, but we finally agreed on the bed and the bedding. We knew what colors we wanted, but hadn’t stopped long enough to get it done….pretty typical for us. Anyway, last weekend we headed out to find a new kitchen table and ended up finding the bed we wanted. Woot Woot We knew we wanted to purchase a down comforter and then find a duvet, but we were a little intimidated by the whole process. Well, we ended up finding the perfect sales person to help us get it all accomplished and we walked away happy…..and broke! LOL

One of the funny moments in the process is on Saturday evening we found the down comforter at another store on sale for half price and decided to go ahead and pick it up. We brought it home and put in on our bed and it didn’t seem to fit. Keith decided we had probably bought something that was considered a ‘second’ and we discussed returning it. But, thought we might look at the duvets first since we really didn’t know if it was suppose to be larger than the comforter or not…..we are challenged in the area of duvets/comforters. So, on Sunday after church we ran out to a bedding store and met up with a very helpful sales person who when shown the picture below (I took several of what we had already done and took our camera with us) informed us that we had the comforter on the bed wrong…it was suppose to be turned the other way so it would hang down the sides and not touch the floor on the footboard! Talk about feeling dumb! Anyway, several hours later we ended up with what you see in this picture and are VERY happy.

We still have a long way to go in having our room done, but this is such an accomplishment for us that I had to share.

I will defiinitely have more to share in the coming days………..

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